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The War on Drugs – Challenges

Drug addiction or substance abuse is not something new. Drug addiction problems are not limited to specific ethnic group or to any specific geographic territory. This is a global and regardless of the geographic territory under question, the problem is more predominant among college students. Various social welfare groups and number of other organizations continually wage war on drugs. Despite the efforts taken, drug abuse is still rampant among the youngsters and college students.

Whether fighting drug addiction as an individual or dealing with it as a societal issue, it is not a simple problem. Substance abuse is a multi-faceted problem and as such, it has to be handled with great care. Various factors including socio-economic problems are also at play.

This problem cannot be brought under control if only non-governmental organizations, social welfare organizations and law-enforcement personnel try to fight the problem. Every individual has to contribute his or her part to fight the problem. Parents have a great role to play here. Parents have to keep a close tab on their children’s behavior and if they notice any unusual behavioral changes or if their activities are suspicious then it is important that parents talk to their children to understand what is going on in their children’s lives. It is easier to have a close watch on one’s children than to monitor the society at large.

Teachers too have a responsibility to monitor their students closely and they can provide them with support and guidance if they notice that their students are going astray. All the educational institutions have to regularly conduct awareness programs on drug abuse so that youngsters can get proper guidance and help.

Those who have already fallen victim of drug abuse or substance abuse should be able to get the required help fast without any problem. Rehabilitation programs should be easily accessible to the drug abuse victims and should be made less expensive. Only when the right efforts come from every quarter of the society is possible to wage a successful war on drugs. Everyone has to join hands in waging the war on drugs rather than making efforts in isolated pockets. Combined efforts will to be more beneficial and more effective.

When dealing with people that have succumbed to the drug abuse problems it is important not to be judgmental. They need the understanding and the support of their family more than ever. Both family and friends have to deal with the victims of drug addiction with compassion and motivate them to fight the problem with determination.

Every student should vow to oneself that he or she would not allow oneself to the peer pressure or other forces to ruin their lives. It is not necessary that one tries drugs to prove that one is cool. Youngsters should take control of their lives and say no to drugs right from the first time. If one manages to remain strong and stick to one’s decision the first time then it is much easier to have control. It is much easier to fight the war on drugs one day at a time.